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NEW ARRIVALS: TreEmme & TMC Cancela Forestry and Orchard mulching packages.

TMC Cancela

Agricultural Mulchers

Agricultural mulchers are efficient machines used in farming to shred crop residues, such as stalks, leaves, and small branches, into fine mulch. These robust implements, commonly attached to tractors, feature rotating blades or hammers that break down plant material into smaller fragments. By doing so, agricultural mulchers facilitate decomposition, nutrient recycling, and weed suppression in fields. They enhance soil health, prevent erosion, and improve water infiltration, thus benefiting crop growth and overall agricultural productivity. Agricultural mulchers play a vital role in sustainable farming practices by promoting ecological balance and reducing the reliance on chemical interventions.

Agriculture Mulcher Applications

  • Maintenance of your property
  • Weed management
  • General clearing
  • Orchard maintenance
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Agricultural Mulchers


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