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NEW ARRIVALS: TreEmme & TMC Cancela Forestry and Orchard mulching packages.

TMC Cancela

Hydraulic Mulchers

Hydraulic mulchers are robust and versatile machines used for land clearing and vegetation management. Equipped with powerful hydraulic systems, these equipment effectively shred and mulch various types of vegetation, including trees, shrubs, and brush. They find extensive application in forestry, agriculture, and construction industries, providing efficient and eco-friendly solutions for vegetation control. With their adjustable cutting depths and high-speed cutting capabilities, hydraulic mulchers enhance productivity while minimizing environmental impact. These rugged machines are commonly mounted on excavators or tractors, offering operators precise control and maneuverability to tackle challenging terrain and dense vegetation.

Hydraulic Mulcher Applications

  • Mulching large branches and stumps
  • Land clearing
  • Extraction and access routes
  • Firebreak creation
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Hydraulic Mulchers


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