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NEW ARRIVALS: TreEmme & TMC Cancela Forestry and Orchard mulching packages.

TMC Cancela

Forestry Mulchers

Forestry mulchers, also known as brush mulchers or vegetation shredders, are powerful machines designed for land clearing and vegetation management in forestry and land development projects. Equipped with a rotating drum or disc that is studded with sharp teeth, forestry mulchers efficiently shred trees, stumps, and undergrowth, converting them into mulch or wood chips. These machines excel at reducing vegetation into fine particles, promoting soil conservation, preventing erosion, and facilitating reforestation efforts. With their versatility and effectiveness, forestry mulchers have become essential tools in the forestry industry, providing an efficient means of land preparation and vegetation control.

Foresty Mulcher Applications

  • Regrowth control
  • Revegetation management
  • Firebreak creation
  • Mulching trees and branches into sawdust
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Forestry Mulchers


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