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NEW ARRIVALS: TreEmme & TMC Cancela Forestry and Orchard mulching packages.

TMC Cancela

Stone Mulchers

Stone mulchers are powerful machines designed for the efficient clearing of rocky terrain. These rugged devices combine the functionalities of a mulcher and a rock crusher, making them essential tools in land preparation and construction projects. Stone mulchers utilize heavy-duty blades and a robust crushing mechanism to break down rocks, stones, and debris, effectively converting them into manageable mulch. With their formidable crushing power and versatility, stone mulchers enable the transformation of rocky landscapes into workable terrain, facilitating various agricultural, forestry, and land development endeavors. These machines are widely employed across industries that demand efficient rock clearing and land preparation capabilities.

Stone Mulcher Applications

  • Turning rocky property into cultivable land
  • Repair impassable roads
  • Mulching large stones
  • Maintaining trails and dirt roads
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